Barolo Wine Tours, Langhe, Italy.

With Barolo Wine Tours Wine Excursions, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the novelty of exceptional wines in the cellars and homes of family-owned.

Barolo Village, Piedmont

Barolo Village

Barolo village, a municipality in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont, is one of the 11 municipalities with the exclusive production of Barolo wine. Located on a plateau, it is believed to have been born in the Middle Ages, and it was during this period that the majestic Castle was built in the center of the town. In 2014, Langhe area of ​​Barolo and Barbaresco, and Roero became part of UNESCO, for the culture of wine and the wonderful landscapes that represent them.


Vendita vini- Wine shop


WiMu – Wine Museum

Among the streets of the Barolo village, among glimpses and panoramas we find many wineries, wine shops and cellars where you can taste and buy the best Italian wine. Also inside the Castle, in several rooms has been set up the WiMu, the Barolo wine museum. The structured visit in descending route that tells the story of the wine of its production, starting from the vineyards up to the bottling. The route ends precisely in the lower rooms of the castle, where there is the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo where it is possible to taste Barolo wine.


Barolo Castle- WiMu


Il Museo dei Cavatappi ( Corkscrew Museum)

Near the Castle that stands in the center of Barolo village, in an ancient cellar, in 2006 the Corkscrew Museum was created. Just to take back the culture of Barolo wine, inside the museum it is possible to discover the evolution of the corkscrew over time. In the different sections of the museum it is possible to observe 500 different corkscrews. During the visit of the museum you will be explained the history of corkscrews in Italy. In fact until 1728 in Italy the sale of wine in glass bottles was forbidden, so only from that year it was possible to sell it in corkscrews here too. But this museum, in addition to the history and culture of wine, also offers tastings of the best Barolo wines.


Museo dei cavatappi


Barolo Wine

Barolo wine, produced 100% from Nebbiolo vineyards, can be produced exclusively in Barolo and in other 10 municipalities of the Langhe. During a wine tasting experience in Barolo village, it is possible to taste many varieties of Barolo from different producers.

But in all Barolo, there are some organoleptic characteristics that make it unique:

  • The color is a dark red with ruby ​​red hues.
  • The bouquet is intense but very pleasant with floral and spicy aromas.
  • The taste is full and robust and at the same time harmonious.


What does the Barolo match with during meals and tastings?

According to the Piedmontese tradition, Barolo wine is paired with red meat dishes, truffles and aged cheeses. It is also recommended to taste the Barolo wine also outside the meals, defined as meditation wine.
Barolo wine is served at room temperature in a glass or crystal tulip glass so that colors and aromas are enhanced.